I just got one of these as a gift. While I definitely see it having its uses, especially once I'm off to college and away from my Bugera next year, it's never had quite enough "oomph" for my tastes. Is there any way to mod this thing so it's a bit thicker and meaner?
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The dist + gets almost all its distortion sound from two diodes, facing opposite directions from the output to ground. They are germanium diodes, which have a low forward voltage and therefore the pedal has a low output. The Ge diodes also contribute to its soft sound.

If you go to radioshack, you can get 1N9198 or 1N914 diodes. They are almost always in stock. They are very common Silicon diodes. They are very common in distortion pedals too. They clip harder and will give your pedal more output, almost double (in volts not decibels). If that isnt enough, you could put the Si and Ge diodes in series. You could move up to red LEDs but those clip very hard IMHO.
Similar to what brentonlatour said, I usually mod my dist+'s with one silicon diode and one LED. If you're nifty with schematics and wiring you can put a Big Muff style tone control in this thing to get you some better options.
Another thing you may want to try is removing the C4 capacitor. I have the MXR Distortion III (Same pedal with an added Tone control). IMO removing this cap really opens the pedal up, adds a little more treble, and gives a little more gain. The pedal just sounds muffled with it.
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