okay... so ive reached the end of the road here... ive spent 8 ****ing hours trying to figure out how to get the software "NI Studio Drummer" to create a drum track from a midi file that i made using "Guitar Pro 5.0". I have tried to use multiple programs to serve as an intermediate such as "Sony Acid" and "FL Studio 10" (both which aparently work with EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer 2.0" to make amazing drum track... Does anyone have any experience with this... cuz im about to have a 2nd nevious breakdown over this... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP... i cant find a youtube video or a forum about any of this
You need to find the range of notes Sudio Drummer has set to give sound. I believe native instruments battery 3 kick sits are C4 so check that area. I know ADM kick sits around C2. I imagine the layout is close to battery 3.
There is a converter knocking about online that converts General Midi to various drum machine midi types. I use it to convert my Gp5 midi files to work with Addictive Drums. It's just called Midi File Mapper or something.
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