I was wondering how the Ibanez Artcore series really is. Overall. I have always been curious about semi-hollow and full hollow body guitars. I am heading to the local shop in a few days to try some out, and I was wondering what the general consensus on Ultimate Guitar was about them.

I'm not a big fan of Ibanez' regular solid body guitars or their acoustics. Their solid bodies are great, but not my style and not for what I like to play. All the acoustics of their acoustics I have played have seemed... lacking or mediocre. I love the direction they are going though with the company as a whole, they are definitely covering as much ground as they can and trying to serve as many people as they can, especially with some affordable gear.

I'm looking for a semi-hollow or full hollow body to play everything from folk to blues to indie to some post-hardcore stuff like (don't shoot me) The Fall of Troy. I love semi-hollows and hollows because of the character they have about them and that they are so flexible, you can play pretty much anything with them. Granted, I'm sure many people wouldn't want to play post-hardcore stuff with a semi-hollow, but I know it sounds fine because a couple of local bands have used them.

So does anyone here own an Artcore? Is there a reason you didn't buy an Artcore? Do you prefer them over Epiphone's line of semi-hollow bodies?

What are some of the models you liked and hated?

I'm just trying to get a general idea of where to go, because my local store has lots of semi-hollows and hollow bodies guitar.
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My AF95 hollowbody is a fine guitar. It plays great, sounds great and is quite versatile. You have to watch the feedback at high volumes, but that's true of almost any hollowbody electric guitar. I can't speak to the quality or playability of the lower-end models, but the AF95 guitars aren't particularly expensive.
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I've got the as-73b which I'm pretty sure is the cheapest model and it is still a great guitar for the money. Youll want to get it set up and you may find it a bit awkward to Play sitting but other than that it is a very solid guitar(well,not literally). I find the bridge pup could use a little more bite but it still sounds great and plays well. I use 11s on it and it's great for blues,alt,indie, hard rock, pretty much all the genres you listed but hardcore. I played a dot when considering mine and found it was more comfortable for me to play.overall they are good guitars for their price range,particularly if you want a hollow body. I'd recommend trying as many art cores or epi's or hagstroms if you can to find what suits you best
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I've only ever played one once, I'm not sure of the specific model. It looked great and sounded alright' but I found it to be very difficult to play sitting down, so much so that I couldn't even imagine enjoying it; but if you dig hollow and semi-hollows you may not have that problem.
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