I have a Roland Cube 30x amp that i've owned for a year now. But right now, its stuck on one sound. I tried to adjust the distortion, volume, effects and everything on the amp, but its still stuck on that same setting. It picks up the tone change on the guitar, but the amp settings would not change, turned down everything and it still stays on that same setting.

Any ideas?

That's really weird. As far as I remember this amp doesn't have 'Patches' per say right? So having all the knobs 'frozen' in one place despite what you turn seems odd. I guess if it had a Factory Reset option or something you could try that but unfortunately it seems as if the COSM computer technology or whatever is borked. I'd send Roland Customer Service an email and work toward a warranty replacement.
hmm thanks, I found an article and it looks like its a blown pre-amp tube. If I buy a pre-amp tube to replace, are there specific brands/type I would need?
you could try but ill warn you, it will be hard to replace a tube when its not a tube amp
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Quote by Jaekae
you could try but ill warn you, it will be hard to replace a tube when its not a tube amp

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Ahem, since it is a digital amp, you are probably having a software issue, or either some cables for preamp are not functioning, so you can't change the settings. Go to guitar shop. Btw happpy new year.
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OK so u researched your amp.....and u found that the problem was a pre amp tube.......

Go home troll
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