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Hey guys!

I really like bands like The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensembe and the Mt. Fuji Doom Jazz Corporation.
I also enjoyed Bitches' Brew (Miles davis), but I guess that's not really related to the first part.

Anyway, I'd like some recommendations for some artists that incorporate ambient and experimental elements in their jazz.

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Hmm...I'm not sure if this is going to be what you want but Coltrane was certainly experimental for his time and honestly today too. Check out the song Giant Steps, it's out there.
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Bitches' Brew = fusion in its earliest and most experimental form

If you're into that stuff but can't relate to the later fusion jazz greats like Eric Johnson, Pat Metheny, Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan (c'mon, how can you not like that guy) because that music's basically more "rock" than "jazz", perhaps you should go back to the source and start with the pioneers. The first name that comes up is Chick Corea and the legendary Return to Forever (a band that went on to include many jazz greats like Stanley Clarke). Really, all of their records are great, but I'd recommend starting off with Light as a Feather (their early stuff was way more latin and jazz-oriented)


...and perhaps Romantic Warrior (by the time Al Di Meola had joined they were making more prog rock-ish stuff)


Pretty much every King Crimson record reeks of jazz bigtime, especially the early ones:


Mahavishnu Orchestra is up there as well:


Frank Zappa went through a whole fusion jazz phase with Hot Rats (highly recommended), Waka/Jawaka, The Grand Wazoo, Roxy & Elsewhere (also highly recommended, perhaps check out You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore pt 2 and the Dub Room Special) and of course Make a Jazz Noise Here:


The guy released at least 3 times as many jazzy material, but those particular records are known for the high concentration. If you like it you should check out his other stuff as well and see what sticks (I for the record haven't met a hardcore Zappa fan who enjoys EVERY record this man has ever released, that's how experimental he was)


After a while he started sounding so unique you really couldn't call it jazz or avant-garde anymore. IMHO the guy created a genre of his own

I'd also recommend this new band called Attack of the Giant Squid, but I can't really find anything on Youtube that's representative of their sound. This is the only audio I could find:


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Now as I said all that stuff I mentioned above isn't really "jazz jazz", it's fusion jazz. As you can imagine "experimental jazz" isn't really a genre. There are some people who are known to be highly innovative tho, like the great Stanley Jordan:


Or the legendary Rahsaan Roland Kirk:


But if you're talking about free jazz or avant garde I'm afraid I can't help you 'cos I don't really listen to that stuff :\

I'm a jazz piano and fusion man, so I'll just leave this here



Dixie Dregs:


Pat Metheny:


Ahmad Jamal


Jean-Luc Ponty:


Al Di Meola


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I love you so much.

It's gonna take me a while to get through all that. ( I do love me some King Crimson though)

I'm gonna start by checking out the Zappa stuff first...it sounds the most appealing. Thank you so much for taking the time to type all that out

^^ I'll give Coltrane a listen as well

Edit : Yeah I guess I'm asking for something like free jazz....less structure, more experimentation
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then listen to coltranes my favorite things, crescent, a love supreme, impressions and live at birdland.
Listen to the album 'Prezens' by David Torn, it's pretty incredible. Lots of electronics and stuff.

Spin Marvel are worth checking out too. I saw them play live with John Paul Jones on bass and it was awesome
I'm always looking for this kind of thing as well. I've only got a couple.

The first is Bohren & der Club of Gore. Give a listen through all their albums, their style changes throughout each of them. Here's my favorite:

and something more dark and ambient:

The only other one I've found is Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones.

The Cinematic Orchestra isn't as dark for my tastes but they may be the experimental you're looking for. "Motion" is really the only album I like, personally.

And although I'm not a fan, there's Somewhere Off Jazz Street.

Oh, and this may be a bit far fetched, but Jill Tracy has a kind of dark cabaret jazz thing you might like if you're a fan of TKDE.

Hope that's what you're looking for!
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