Seriously, what happened to rock n' roll? It used to be so full of awesome blues based riffs and big hair.....sometimes eyeliner! I long for the days of Boston and Zeppelin?! Amiright?

Serious note. I've seen quite an amount ( not just this forum ) of people who are seriously musically regressed. They refuse to "get with the times" if you will. I had one guy on another forum pretty much say that young people MUST learn to play "rock n' roll" and there is no "hope" blah blah blah. That type of Rock just isn't rebellious anymore, Stones and Sabbath just aren't offensive, it has little appeal. So where you ever a intensely close minded musician? Do you think that a lot of guitarists are dead set in their ways?

Classic rock fans are annoying, especially when they were born in the 90's+

And I will always love Boston. They were my first concert, and they got me into music in general. RIP Brad Delp

edit: and what happened to all the Mexican musicians?
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