I got a 70 dollar EHX Knockout pedal. It suddenly started buzzing like a mofo.

I checked every cable, used dedicated power supply, batteries, tried different cables, amps in different rooms. I also compared it to other pedals... suffice to say I am 100% sure this pedal is faulty.

What do I do now? this pedal is not nearly expensive enough to actually pay to get it repaired... yet i don't like wasting things.

I opened it up and it looks like some of the electronics where the 1/4 plugs come in have brown spots, which I am assuming is rust...

Anyone got tips on how to fix it? this is not exactly my field of expertise..
here, ask these guys, they rock.


take pictures too
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Take some pics and post them. They might not be rusty, but might have over heated making them either open circuit or short circuit depending on what it is (although most likely to be open circuit)
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