Hi all

I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some advice on my next guitar. I would class my self as a beginner/improver. I currently have a cheap strat copy and now that my playing is improving I'm looking to replace it.

I have been looking at the Washburn winpro and the Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top but I'm unsure which is the better guitar or better suited to my level of playing. Both guitars are priced around £330-360 in the UK.

If there are any other suggestions I have a budget of £400.
Washburn is much "harder" guitar - suitable for metal etc..
Epiphone is a good guitar for blues, rock..

What style of music do you play?
Thanks for the reply. I am more interested in blues and rock, however I read an article on the washburn which said it was not the guitar for metal/shredding, that's why I took a look at it. It's an LP style guitar with 2 Duncan Alnico Humbuckers.

Take a look here

Get the washburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really, washburn is practically unbeatable on price/quality ratio. And it's just as much of a blues/rock guitar as the epiphone is.
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I played both of them, and personally i prefer Epiphone (although you will have to buy better pickups).. But that's just my opinion..
ive got a washburn wi15 but id have to say that the quality and sound of the epiphone surpass it

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