Yeah, I know that pedals don't work well with modelling amps, but I don't have the money for a new amp, and therefore need to make the most out of the bad setup that I have.
So yeah, I'm looking for a hard rock sound. So does anyone have any ideas what I can do?
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First, your problem is the guitar. Not exactly the amp.
The Epi LP Special II is a really awful guitar.

Second, you're better off simply using the built-in effects of the Vypyr (which is a pretty nice practice amp, btw) instead of putting the DS-1 in front of it.
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Yeah, the DS-1 won't probably improve the tone of the Vypyr or anything. Best bet is to use it on a clean channel as a standalone distortion I think, you may want to try that
Doesn't the vypyr have an OD in it's stompbox effects?
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