If you had only one guitar and you need to cover huge musical area (like me) which pickups would you buy?

I've read a lot of topics,so I got some suggestions:

For bridge:
DiMarzio Breed Bridge and Norton,Duncan JB and Custom Custom,PRS HFS Treble and Suhr DSH.

For neck:
Suhr DSV,DiMarzio Breed Neck,Air Norton and PAF Pro,PRS Vintage Bass,Duncan 59' Neck.

Guitar: Mahogany body and neck,rosewood fretboard.
Certainly not a Breed (especially with mahogany) or a JB.

What guitar styles in particular do you need to cover?
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Jazz, rock (AC/DC and Guns N' Roses most), hard rock/metal and instrumental rock.
Can't go wrong with a JB and a Jazz/'59 for versatility.
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for duncan i'd probably go with a custom 5 in the bridge and a '59 in teh neck

dimarzio... not sure. paf pro in the bridge, though that might not have enough ooomph (and might be too bright and modern-sounding for the more vintage stuff). also not sure what you'd put in th neck with it. Norton might be worth a look for the bridge, but i haven't tried it.
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Versatility...SD P-Rails?
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JB/59 has always been awesome for anything I've wanted to play.
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