Im looking at getting a new bass amp, ive only got a little 15watt practice amp cus ive only been playing a year or so, im looking to get one thats around 200 watts to keep up with the 100 watt marshall guitar amp and the new drum kit my girlfriend just got! Not sure what make though but I want to get a combo amp and dont have the biggest budget really, just not sure what to look at! Im in the UK as well by the way, so from somewhere in the UK would be ideal to buy from.
What's your actual budget? Can't help you much without knowing it. My advice is look for a used amp, you'll get something a lot nicer than what you could new.
120 watt Behringer UX1200
You can get a second hand one for €100, Two-Channel amp with a Footswitch.
It can cut through 2x100 watt guitar amps, P.A. and Drums and its not too difficult to carry around. Great little amp...

Sounds like shit though.
actually my budget was probably about £200 or so but im looking around and the marshall mb4210 looks pretty good for the price that ive found, but just throw out some ideas for any amps that are 200 or more watts just to see what people think
Marshall MBs are terrible and Behringers are worse.
The Basschat Classifieds and your local Gumtree as well as possibly eBay are going to be your best bets. Really I'd recommend saving up a bit more and getting that budget up to about 350-400. If that's not possible and you know you're always going to have PA support and good monitoring a nice DI might be worth looking into, like the Tech 21 Bass Driver DI or the EBS Microbass II.
I recently tried the Acoustic B600H head and I was really impressed with it. I've heard that their combo amps are just as good. You can get one of those for probably under $200, and they're definitely loud as well.
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Suggesting an Acoustic amp to someone in the UK is pretty useless.

Go second hand, look for old Trace Elliot or Laney gear from the 80's/90's... if you've a back that can handle it anyway.