I'm looking for a good pickup for the neck position of my Flying V. I'm going with a Bill Lawrence 500XL at the bridge and I want something different sounding in the neck to contrast it. I just haven't played enough different guitars to know the difference in pickup sounds so I come here to U.G. to learn what I don't know. This will be in D standard for pretty much all of its life playing stuff like Pantera, Metallica, All That Remains, and Lamb Of God. I'm open to pretty much all pickups, I just want something that will really sound different from the bridge and not just on a clean setting. I want a different distorted sound as well. Thank you for any and all comments.
None of those bands play in D standard. Normally.
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Bands don't really give a good image of what you want of a neck pickup.

You should tell us:
The brand of your guitar, the woods used for the guitar and what amplifier you're using.

Next you need to tell what do you want from the neck pickup, for example:
warmer/fatter sound, brighter/cleaner sound, better dynamics, more output or sustain.

It's really hard to tell from just bands... If you want Metallica sound, you'd like some EMGs. If you want Pantera sound, you'd definitely like Dean DimeTime for example.
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Metallica just uses Dstandard live for Hit The Lights and Seek & Destroy(and maybe one of the new songs). BLS uses Dstandard. You'll have to try a bunch of pickups, but the JH EMG Set, DiMarzio JP Crunch Lab or go common EMG81,85,etc. I myself have Ibanez Infinity humbuckers and I am more than pleased with the tones I get out of them.
it will be going in a fliying v made of basswood and have a maple neck. right now i have a little line6 spider amp, but want to get a randall or marshall halfstack just as soon as my winning lottery ticket comes in. i guess the best way i can describe what i want it to sound like is a different bridge pickup. i wanna be able to get two distinctly different sounds out of the pickups, not just a neck pickup that is the same as the bridge just bassier. i don't really play with a clean tone that much so i want one that has muddy distorted sound. like i said i'm gonna get a BL 500XL and i want the neck to contrast it.
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