Hi everyone,
if u had a 350$ budget for a guitar considering that the heaviest thing you would play would be smth like metallica's mop and stuff like that what would you buy? btw i know it is a low budget but its my first guitar so i need a good-sounding one and i wouldn't mind if it looked good cuz i know that having a good sounding guitar + smth like a v shape would cost a fortune
An ESP/LTD V-50 ($250), maybe? Or you could try a Jackson JS32T King V ($350), both of which are good choices if you want a V for the amount you're willing to spend.
I think after playing guitar for a few years you'd grow out of the 'metal guitar' body shapes. They're also more awkward to play unless you're standing/using a strap. Schecter maybe what you're looking for, they offer sound and quality guitars:


If you want the 'Metallica' or metal sound, EMGs are a good way to go.

If you're on a budget, you could dive into factory 2nds? They're essentially new guitars but with small aesthetic defects.
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The ltd and jackson v's mentioned would be good choices but have a look on ebay and in the second hand market first, you may be able to get a much better guitar 2nd hand in your budget than new. Also ignore that rubbish about growing out of "metal shapes", well unless the "metal shape" is a bc rich warlock with a devil horn headstock
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well cool ,i didn't think i can actually get a cool looking guitar with this budget ,i'll look for the 3 guitars in any nearby store and try them and i'll buy the best one thx guys
I bought a Schecter Omen this year and I think it is an all round great guitar. I would strongly recommend you look into Schecters, you won't be dissapointed.

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buy schecter demon 6 , it won't dissapoint you. It's a good guitar for metal with its active pickup (Duncan Designed Active HB-105)
Epi G-400vintage $299, GFS Fat Pat for the bridge $30. That will bring you in to your budget.

The LTD that was sugested deff needs a pickup swap, and I'd upgrade the pots at the same time with full sized ones. but this could be done at your budget.
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There is an ibanez ziphos model (xp-300## forgot the exact model) that retails for 300$. You can get a very metal guitar for 300$. Upgrade the stock pickups and its a decent budget shred axe.
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I bought a Schecter Omen this year and I think it is an all round great guitar. I would strongly recommend you look into Schecters, you won't be dissapointed.

I agree.
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ESP/LTD has some great sounding guitars that are in the 300 dollar price range that are suited for Metal, as does Ibanez and Schecter . Personally, I'm not a fan of the flying V design but if that's what floats your boat, then go for it . You could also check out Epiphone's faded series G-400, which only costs $300.00 brand new. Those are perfect for Metal IMO. Hell, if Tony Iommi can play a SG , why not go for it ?
I'd say Schecters are a good bet but you should test one out first, they have chunky necks that might not fit your hand iirc.
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