Dear Forumers!

Greetings from India, this is my first post here. But have been a lurker for quite a few years now :-)

I happened to purchased the above mentioned book () a couple of years back. And since then it has been lying pretty much as it is.

The reason being that it is 100% staff notation, i.e. no guitar tab. I consider this book to be a good enough dictionary/reference for all of us who're looking to get good at playing the blues. But the staff notation, makes the task at hand a LOT tougher for the majority of us

So I wish to start a project with those of you who might be interested in TABifying this book. The main feature of the project could be as follows:
1) Use of Guitar Pro, or any other transcription tool to write the tabs
2) We split the huge no of licks amongst ourselves.
3) Set a rolling-schedule
4) Share the files by some means (mailing list perhaps).

What do you say guys? This is gonna be a good one up for us and the community :p