I have one question, that better? Playing with metronome or with drums?
If the metronome's "click-sound" gets annoying, buy a friendlier metronome or use a drum machine!
For practicing exercises I'd use a metronome and for practicing strumming I'd use a drum machine!
Real drums will never be perfectly in time like a metronome, what I like to do is make a simple beat on Guitar pro at a certain speed and just loop it 99x. Makes it more fun to practice certain things.
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You should be comfortable with both.

Playing to a metronome gives you a simple one note per beat so you get your subdivisions and sense of timing down, playing with a drummer means you get used to dealing with other people's sense of time and you also get used to concentrating on the beat rather than whatever else the drummer is doing in terms of fills or syncopation.
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