Hey guys,

I'm after a new dirt pedal, probably something fuzzy - something with some "oomph".

Budget: ideally less than £100 (stretch to about £150 for something awesome) new or used

Genres: generally bluesey hard rock stuff (White Stripes, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Joe Bonamassa etc.)

Being in England things are a little more expensive...so without many ideas I've been looking at something muff-y (I like the sound of the EHX tone wicker - worth it?). Currently my dirt pedals are a Bad Monkey and a Double Muff, but they're not quite right for the sound I'm after. The drive from my amp (Orange Dual Terror) isn't bad, but I can't help but find the tone changes between the two channels...

Any recommendations? Thanks!
I could make you a muff variant with some mods for more versatility if you'd like and would be under your £100 budget. A muff should cover The White Stripes and QOTSA sounds pretty well from what I know of them.

A fuzz face is always a nice option but I think a modded muff would be more up your street.

Drop me a PM if you're interested in me build you something. Otherwise, check out the Blackout Musket Fuzz as that's a lovely muff variant.
bonammasa uses a fuzzface.
check out the Dunlop Joe Bonamassa FuzzFace - its an awesome pedal but make sure you leave it at the beginning of your signal chain (it doesnt react well to buffered pedals)
Cheers for the suggestion - looked at Fuzz Faces - looked like more trouble than they were worth really having to mod for DC input, the amount of space etc. although a very cool pedal

badgerific: PM'd