Hey guys, I'm looking to start an online band in the style of Alter Bridge/Creed and similar music to that.

I'm 23 and a guitarist, Looking for a bassist, another guitarist, and a vocalist as drums will be programmed.

Would prefer musicians in my own age range but it's not all that important as long as you have equipment to record with and guitar pro for swapping ideas.

Send me a PM if you're interested preferably with some of your songs/youtube vids ect.

Thanks guys,

I'd be interested. I'm a bassist thats into alot of music. I got some youtube vids but they are OLD!!!!!!!! I havn't done one in a long time. plus in the videos I'm playing as if I'm playing a live show. When sitting down to record I'm more percise. I used to be in my school band as a bassist and I'm able to read sheet music, tabs, have a good knowlege of theory, can play pick or finger bass depending on the style. I can show you my channel and then a video of my band playing yesterday. I hope you can consider me a good choice. If you do want me just send me a message through my youtube.

I have plenty equipment to record my guitars. For Creed music I have skills a plenty... I will take the rhythm mostly, but I can do lead also. I would prefer to work online bits by bits and I haven´t got access to GP but I can write normal tabs... Or just straight down record the ideas.
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