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17 47%
19 53%
Voters: 36.
In your opinion which is most important to upgrade first

For arguments sake say you had an awful $50 ebay job with guitar and amp which should you upgrade 1st?
Depends how awful the guitar is.
I'd still say guitar. Sound is not as important as technique in the early days, and alot of beginners cant tell theyre amps suck anyways.
if both are truly awful then i'd upgrade the guitar.
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depends on how shitty the guitar and amps are

...if the guitar is really really bad id say that first as long as the amp works

^that changes to amp as soon as the player is good enough to konw the amp sucks donkey balls
not the easiest answer. if the guitar is bad enough that it doesn't allow for correct technique, then you have to upgrade the guitar.

however, if tone is the only issue (meaning everything plays well enough), then the amp is the better option.

if, like in your example, its some $50 ebay crap, then it should all be burned.
Gonna say amp here only because when deciding to graduate from ebay/entry level guitars, most people will splash out all their money on a high-end guitar (like I did) without investing in a decent amp.

I think you're better off looking into mid-range guitars AND some decent amps. Upgrade both at the same time otherwise you wont get your monies worth for either. (if that makes sense).

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I voted guitar because the player has a more direct relationship with the guitar than the amp. If the guitar has high action, weak/shrill pickups, won't stay in tune and weighs as much as a tank, I don't care How good you are, that guitar is going to sound like ****. On the other hand, a well set-up guitar with decent/good pickups, good tuners/bridge and good tonewoods will sound at Least decent through even the crappiest of amps, in the hands of a skilled guitarist.

The guitar is at the Beginning of your signal chain. The Amp is at the End. If your tone is crap from the start, no good amp is going to make it better.
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guitar personally, or as has been said, scale both at the same time, I started with electrics with a crap beginner set, then I bought an epi les paul custom and marshal hybrid combo from a friend, first time I played a g chord on it I could tell it was 1000 times better. My playing improved dramatically. I then changed the pups in the guitar and my sound improved but my playing didn't advance, I bought an orange tube head and 4x12 and my playing stayed the same but sound improved again, I got a gibson explorer and then wham everything I had been struggling with, scales, licks, etc all fell into place so much easier. Now when I play my crap strat I can play everything I play on my gibson on it, I would still be playing the intro to smoke on the water if I hadn't upgraded.
Amp, Defiantly. You can have a great guitar but plugged into a rubbish amp it'll sound horrible. But if you have a great amp with a really rubbish guitar it'll sound great. Obviously some tone does come from the guitar but I think an amp is more important to the sound.

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If you're in a band, I'd say amp. But if you're only practising, it might be nicer to have a good well-playing guitar that you won't get stuck in with your fingers and what-not.
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