Hey guys just got a quick question.

got a gig on friday and we want to run the ENGL preamp into the Boogie. Now correct me if im wrong, i simply put the output from the ENGL and plug it into the FX loop return of the Mesa and that should be it?? also i want to run a delay pedal through the loop so do i put that between the poweramp and preamp??

also, what footswitch would you reccommend for the ENGL. we dont have the cash for the ENGL footswitch and we only need to change from one channel to the other nothing else and the jack on the back is just a standard 1/4"

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You would put the delay pedal through the FX Loop on the Engl. As for using the Engl with the Mesa, you have it right. Engl > Mesa FX Return.

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