Like the title says I have been an electric guitar player for the last 4-5 years and I really don't know anything about acoustic guitars. I really don't need an acou/elec and im looking for a quality guitar for around 400-500 usd. I play alot of alt/indi stuff. So Far im really happy with my epiphone casino and Sheraton and that kind of feel but dont know anything about the quality of their acoustics.
Look into Seagull Guitars; I've played them all, and with the exception of the Entourage series, I give them all my approval. You may also want to check out Takamine. They have a series called the FXC series, which is designed specifically for electric guitar players trying to transition to acoustic. Make sure the model name has an "S" at the end; that means it has a Solid Top, which you want. I've played a few, and the necks are very comfortable.

In the end, I suggest you just go to your local guitar shop and play as many guitars as you can (in your price range). I can't tell you what's going to feel best to you.
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I say hit several music stores and instead of focusing on a brand, focus on a sound. Don't even look at the price tags. Just strum, and listen. I personally go for acoustics that ring while others prefer the muddy sound. While Taylors, Breedlove, and some Yamaha's are really good, there are those that don't sound as good. Also, I found guitars where they are the same brand, same model and they sound completely different. Just close your eyes and strum. When you find one that hits your ear, tune it, play it and listen. If it puts a smile on your face then ruin the mood by looking at the price tag.
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