any case would work i would assume? maybe a coffin case if your ant something a little different?
Hard. While you could probably get by with a soft case, Gibsons have a reputation for neck breaks. A hard case will be the best bet to protect it. I'm surprised it didn't come with one. Any hard case will work fine, whether it's a Gibson or SKB.
^ Sorry I said "Best" but I just need to know all the cases I've come across are either cheap or too tight around the guitar.
Do you have a local Guitar Center? Take the guitar with you and have them find one that fits it snug. They might even know which one will fit without taking it in.
an ANVIL flight case, but it will cost you $300ish.

Reall do what KG6_Steven said go to a local shop and see how well it fits in diff cases. You can also see the diff type of construction that there are in diff brands.

If all else fails you could always buy the Gibson case made for it.
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Yes, the gibson headstock is known for being delicate. And any set neck guitar needs a good case.

How bad of a beating is this guitar going to take? Do you tour at all?

I'm a big fan of Mono and Reunion blues cases, they give you excellent hardshell protection, with the benefits of a softcase. I've also had great success with SKB flight cases. And the actual Gibson hard cases ain't bad either.

I wouldn't recommend an ATA case unless you're touring, they work very well but are stupidly heavy and cumbersome.
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any case would work i would assume? maybe a coffin case if your ant something a little different?

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spen a bit more and buy a flight case that has the padding to fit an SG. because its made for transport, the flight case will be more solid than a boss pedal.
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