A LTD KH 202 Body with a EMG-HZ bridge pickup with 2 floyds that may or may not work? the guy is asking $45 OBO for it, and what type of neck would match it? new to putting guitars together from scratch.
A QUICK REPLY would be nice
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As for the neck any neck that fits in the pocket will be ok, you just need to find the specs on this axe as far as scale length and get a neck that is in that scale.
When you drill holes in the neck to put the scews in I have found that you need to put the e strings on to make sure the neck is straight and centered with the bridge and pickups. On my first build (I have done 3)the neck is crooked and the strings are not centered over the poles in the pickups, that will mess with intonation.

For $45 I would do it. Building guitars can be fun. But just remember the first one is a learner, it is going to be effed up somehow. But thats how you learn how to do it good.
What the hell!!!