I was wondering what type of bridge this is. I want to set the intonation, but I can't find any place to make the adjustments, and all guides online don't show where it is on this type of bridge.
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It's a bloody big one, I'll give you that.

Just looked up some bridges, I think it's similar to the Fender two-point synchronised tremolo.
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and here I was hoping you were a twelve. It's either a wilkinson or a wilkinson copy
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It doesnt really look like the saddle has any way of moving.
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wilkonson -style trem. If you loosen up the strings you should be able to move the saddles by hand. Not the most precise way to do things, but I don't see many other options!
Some cheap ishy Yamahaha thing
Ya I would flip it over and check from the back. My Kahler tremlo adjusts from the rear/under/backside....it sucks.
And if nothing there, which may be the case.....you cant adjust it(hell there is not even a individual string hight adjustment)....thats why its a cheap guitar.
Just be glad it is not a PRS you paid 3500 for and cant adjust intonation.
What the hell!!!
Hey post a pic of the whole guitar...the flame top looks nice!
What the hell!!!