Both in the general ballpark price wise.

I play 90's alt and own a Vox Tonelab.

Price: <$300

Just need a practice amp.

Many thanks.
both are pretty good. Try em out if you can. Check out the Roland Cube too.
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Get one of the older VT's, IE the VT30 if you can, and you will be very happy. They do the 90's alt rock sound really nicely, and anything up to hard rock is it's forte. The metal tones aren't as good as the Vypers, but it beats it for rock tones.

The newer VT's (VT20, 40 etc.) Are still good but the older ones were slightly better.
Quote by RealGuitarHero
both are pretty good. Try em out if you can. Check out the Roland Cube too.


Yeah...check out the Roland Cube series. They are pretty cool
I have the VT20+ and am more than happy with it. The ony problem is the lack of an effects loop. I can say the lower gain stuff is really good, better than any othe modeller in its class. I never use the high gain stuff myself so I can't tell you much about that, except that it sounds pretty high gainey to me. The most gain I use is the JCM800 model on about 4/5 and that sounds great. I don't gig either so I can't say anything about that aspect, but I've mic'd it up and recorded with it very succesfully. My mate recorded a demo through it and got himsef a slot in a touring rock and roll show playing holiday camps and theatres here in the UK (I played rhythm on his demo through the VT20+ and was offered a slot as well on the strength of it, but I don't gig so I turned it down).