Any reason why this wouldn't work? I'm thinking of putting it at the end of my effects loop using the clean channel with the reverb on.
So your plan is to run FX Send -> Cube -> FX Return?

Don't do it. The output from the Micro Cube is line level which won't do anything good for your power section. I'm assuming you plan to use the headphone/line out as your output from the Cube.
So you want the clean tone from the cube...in your effects loop?

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I was thinking send>chorus>delay>cube>return. Guess I shouldn't try it though.

I would use the cube for reverb.
Buy a reverb pedal. Seriously. This isn't worth damaging your current gear which I'm sure costs more than a pedal would.
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Yeah I probably should although I'm not really in need. I just started playing through my cube cause I gotta be quiet cause it's late and the thought struck me of using it in the loop. Sounds like it's a bad idea though.
Hows about now with the new cube and the i-cube link?

Can it go as a line level "pre-out" and "main in" for exects an loops?