I all, and Happy New Year.

Any*****, Ive been playing my Fender Deluxe Active j bass and it keeps cutting out. I know its not my amp, it has to be in my bass, and im not sure if its the input jack or not. It isnt loose or anything, and the wiring is somewhat new.

Any ideas on what my problem could be? I would love the help.
No, its neither of them.
I have to put the cable in a certain postion for it not to cut out and buzz.
should I open it up and look at the wiring just to make sure?
This happend to me to, i just opend the input jack and took out some sawdust and checked the wiring abit (nothing was disconected/loose).

This fixed my problem
If you have to put the cable in a certain position its probably the cable i have that problem sometimes and a new cable always fixes it for me

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either its a broken solder joint in the cable, or its a broken solder joint in the jack.