Hey guys, please check out my newest cover. I think this is the most complicated and complex stuff I've done so far, so it will be good to hear what yout think for it. I know there are some msitakes, but I am hoping that they are not such a big deal.

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I prefer comments in youtube.

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hey man thank you so much for your long support!rly appreciated
did you change the way your record?!you sound is waaaaay better than on your old videos!
rly awesome man!love your videoediting! i follow your videos too their on my updates

Hey man, it is so awesome to hear those kind of words from you! I'm feeling really flattered, haha.

Well, actually, I just changed some settings in the mixing process, nothing too much, but I'm very glad with the result, and I love that most of you guys like it!
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I didnt knew the song, but seems like a good cover...and also seems like a fun song to play with all the small licks.

Im not a big fan of the tone tough, I dont know..its missing "thickness", what did you use to record it ?

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Hey man, thanks for your comment again!
And the only thing I used to record this, was my Korg AX3G, plugged into my computer, that's all.