Sounds alright, the drums overall could be higher in the mix, especially the kick drum. It's low in the mix and lacks any power, otherwise, the actual song is good.

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Guitars are nice and heavy. The bass is actually semi-audible, too! I approve wholeheartedly. The kick drums is definitely too low in the mix, though. It's barely audible and lacks the balls to really drive the guitar riffs.

The higher harsh vocals were really weak sounding. The lower grunts were OK. I would recommend adding some mid- or low-range growls under the shrieks the thicken the vox out and give them a little more force.

The solo was well played, but it sounded a little generic. It didn't leave me much of an impression and seemed a little forced, as if it was there because you wanted one there, not because it was particularly appropriate. The tone was good and the playing was plenty clean.

Overall, good stuff, but a little generic. The riffs were fine and the guitar and bass production were excellent. The drums would be at that level too, but the bass drum lacked balls. The vox were alright, but weren't really to my taste and it seemed like the higher vocals were thin and forced.

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Considering I hate that style of vocals with a passion and I find those kinds of guitar riffs boring and generic, I'll stick to talking about the solo. The number one problem is the bends and vibrato. I don't know when metal players started ditching that awesomely wide vibrato that just kicked you in the ass when you heard it (Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie, Jason Becker FTW!), but this really shallow, weak vibrato has got to go. You need to get in and kick the shit out of that note. This deserves as much attention as alternate picking and legato. You need it to be much wider. AT LEAST a clean and consistent semitone, but a whole-step vibrato would be good to practice as well.