Hey, I'm looking to start building a Telecaster Plus in a few months because I cant find one anywhere for less that £1000, which I don't have bacause im 16 So, I've been looking around and I've found all of the parts I need but I cant seem to find a wiring diagram for the coil tap switch which will coil tap the bridge humbucker. Does anyone know how to do this or a website that might be able to help? Also any tips on the build would be greatly appreciated, or any good sites for Telecaster parts.

Here is a link to the guitar I'm going to try and copy, except I'll put a kill switch in it like the more recent version of his and mine wont have damage or stickers: http://aseriesofshortostinatos.tumblr.com/post/418448523/jonny-greenwoods-guitar-this-thing-should-be
allparts stewmac guitarfetish for parts
Seymourduncan.com for wiring diagram, or our very great(i know, i cant say that)wiring thread.
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This page has a couple different ways to wire a coil tap, as well as some other functions that you might be interested in. I'd use this diagram, which gives you the coil tap, plus the option of running the humbucker in parallel, but it's your call.
Tanks, I'll make sure I get some pictures, it probably wont be for a while though, I need to finish off the guitar I'm doing at the moment