Hello , i just want to ask. It's about my drummer in my band
Every time we rehearsal my drummer hurt her hands.
It looks like there is something on her hands
(like a sphere which contain some kind of liquid)
My band usually play muse , greenday , metallica
I ask my friend(a drummer too) but he has never been like that.
So any clue about it ?
wouldn't surprise me if it's just a blister, nothing major. she'll hate to be told this but it's probably a result of holding the sticks badly - when i started playing drums i used to ruin my hands (also from playing too hard ), but now i never have problems, after improving my technique (and still play pretty hard!)
Its a blister. I used to get them all the time, but eventually either your hands will toughen up or you'll improve your technique to reduce the problem.
Tell her to put super glue on the pressure points ( where the blisters happen). Put it on *AND LET IT DRY FIRST!

... This is the best thing you can do for now to keep her going, otherwise she needs to get some calluses on her hands to prevent the friction blisters from popping up.

And trust me it works great! Also, don't be dumb about it ... NEVER put anthing like that into an open wound.
I read some articles that blisters are caused by friction. So i'm just thinking , can she prevent it with wearing a bandage or tape on her hand ?
Drum gloves are an easy fix.
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Blisters are pretty much always a result of bad technique. Since you guys are playing punk and metal kind of stuff it might just be a case of holding the sticks to tight, and loosening her hold on the sticks will probably help a lot.

If that doesn't help and she is really serious about improving her technique, tell her to get this DVD - http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Weapons-Modern-Drummer-DVD/dp/B000S6TNLI/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1325495445&sr=1-1
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