Hi everyone, came across this video earlier. I'm impressed by the acoustic guitar rhythm work on this. But i just can't, for the life of me, figure out the groove and rhythm behind his playing.

Is anyone out there able to direct me to some sort of tutorial or information, that will help me be able to play what he's playing here?


Before you say anything about his video title, i'm aware he labeled it "instrumental cover" despite having recorded it over the original track i just want to pick up his playing style that's all.
i think all he is doing is tapping his thumb on the strings for those rhythmic sounds, for example try strumming a D and tapping your thumb on the E and A on the offbeats (2 and 4th count) to try it out (i also don't know what the technique is called!)
For the percussive sound, he's slapping the strings. I don't know what he does it with, but like to use the side of my palm (pinky side). I find this easier to do with a plectrum.

For the funky feeling, he's using hammer ons.

EDIT: I'm pretty certain this is what he's doing, here's some sloppy takes: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Captain+Panda/music/play1073421

EDIT2: And here's a tutorial telling you exactly how to do the slap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnhbAvAruao
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ah, thank you to you both

thanks captain panda for the effort in recording those examples, it's still difficult for me to understand, but i'll use them to try and learn it.

when i first heard the sidewinder acoustic section, i thought that was difficult. then i realised it had a more straight-forward groove than what the guy is doing here.