Hi peeps. Happy new year
I'm looking for chords, for this version of the song:


there's no way in a million years i could pick like him, so i'm just after something that I can strum along to, chords..

Would be massive help if you could find them.. I do think there's a capo in this song, bert loved his capos.

Thanks a million.
What is the name of the song...this will not load.... It makes it easier to tell the name of the song and artist in the thread....
Hey Pretty Girl by Bert Jansch .. I think there's probably multiple versions that's why i provided the link.
Main chords (just the basis, there's obviously a lot of improvisation around it), last note is a transition:

Capo on the 2nd fret


From time to time (chords relative to capo):
F / G / Am / D

Also from time to time :
Am (VII) / G

Toward the end a Dm appears, and at the end an E is played before the final Am chord.

I'm afraid just playing the chords might sound a bit sterile though.
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Thanks a lot for getting back to me man, completely forget to look at the thread and just gave up hope.

I'll give this a try later on