Hi folks, happy new year

I know this probably isn't the right place to put this, as it's more of a 'help me' sort of thread.. But i can't really find any other suitable parts of the forum, so don't flame me please

Anyway, i'm looking to see if anyone can help me come up with the lyrics to this Bert Jansch song, there's literally NOTHING on the internet. Massive favourite of mine. I've got most of it already, just a couple lines i'm off.. Have a listen, see if you can help

this is the song:

This is what i've got already, a lot of it's probably wrong, so feel free to add/correct.

Hey pretty girl do you like to dance?
Put your hair down now, and you’ve got the chance.
Kick off your shoes, enjoy the show.
Come on lady, nobody will know.

When the band starts rockin’, get ready to roll.
From your top of your head, down to your soul
I got the ?? play that stuff.
The fans go wild they can’t enough

You don’t look so happy with the life you lead.
But rock n roll babe is what you need.
Join a band and tell a little lie.
Looking for a lady who can call mine.

Rock n roll’s such a crazy drug.
It wraps you up in a great big hug.
Drives you hard, and drives you wild.
Turns you into a rock n roll fan.

He searched hard and he searched low.
Where on earth did his woman go.
He ?? ,god bless my soul
She’s out on the roof singing rock and roll

Well she won’t come back to be your wife.
She won’t come back to a loveless life.
You gave her ??
She fell in love with a rock n’ roll band.

Thanks a lot