No, the threads about new year aren't over.

Here's my list from 2010 with strikethroughs over what I completed

  • Gain an additional 10-15 kg (90kg bodyweight being my goal)
  • Increase bench with 50 kg, deadlift and squat with more
  • Be more social
  • Join a volunteering group
  • Start dating more
  • Stop procastrinating
  • Do some travelling
  • Get a motorcycle

It went so-so. There's always this year for the things I missed

How about YOU?

I wrote them down somewhere but I don't remember what they were.

edit: here they are:

1. improve penmanship (didn't even know I wanted to do this)
2. get at least 6 hours of sleep every night (ha)
3. practice dance for an hour daily (sorta did this but not every day)
4. learn to cook without relying on a recipe (ha)
5. recycle more often (this is the only one I did properly and I annoyed the shit out of everyone I know by doing this)
6. clean room every 3 months (ha)
7. speak Tamil more often (I did, but that just means I went from not speaking it at all to teaching one of my friends how to swear in Tamil)
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lol no

edit: Damn it

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everything that you've come to expect

No way.

EDIT: Nevermind, I did actually. I wanted to have better university attendance and I did this in the fall semester and had a lot more success because of it. Go figure. I'm sure I had many other new year's resolutions that I can't even remember from last year. I'm going to write mine down this year and they're much more straightforward and attainable goals.
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Don't think so... can't remember if I made any though.
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I don't think I made any ololol
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Yes. Mine was to be more negative.
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  • Get a motorcycle

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My resolution was to run 1000 km, which I did
I don't do resolutions, but i think I wrote down a plan for what I wanted to achieve in the year.

But since my old laptop gave in last month I've lost it so Have no idea what I put down.

I know one of them was to get in better shape. I think that went well, right up until I started working full time
The only ones I remember were write more, workout more, and get a girlfriend. I accomplished the girlfriend thin, and the rest ****ed right off.
This year my only one is to have a good time, and diversify my taste in music and movies, two things I'm already pretty good at. I'd also like to make a short film. I'm 15 and broke, so it'll be shit, but I wanna do it anyway, just for the shit of it. The problem is I don't know anyone who'd do it with me.
Last year I didn't make any.

The years before that, I always said 'get a job'. I never achieved that, but last year I did.
Here were mine:

1) Finish the year with 1/4 of my annual salary in the bank
2) Finally get a Custom 24 and a high-end amplifier
3) Record a few instrumental tracks for a learning experience
4) Cut down the amount I invest in my race car - PASS - sold the damn thing
5) Get a promotion - Bonus points! Promoted early in the year, but then moved 900 miles and got a new job with a better title.

1) Eliminate all coffee from my diet - FAIL, but I did cut my coffee intake by 50%
2) Stop getting screwed over all the time - M...M...M...MEGA FAIL
3) Increase sweep picking proficiency to be able to play Psalm of Lydia at 75% speed - Only got to 50%
4) Start working out again - Failed because I have a major deviation in my wrist and I can't get surgery on it until next month or so. Luckily it doesn't affect my guitar playing. Only things I could do were abdominal and leg exercises and I didn't keep up with it.
5) Increase my body weight by 15lbs with minimal impact to body fat % - Only got to 12lbs, but at least my BMI is perfect now.

When I write it out like this, 2011 sounds pretty nice. It was one hell of a weird year for me. Early on, things started to go quite well, but took a steep downhill turn in the Spring. When Summer rolled around, the family decided to move and asked me to join them. I left my job, sold 90% of what I owned, moved 900 miles to where I am now, and started over fresh. I now have a great job again, and, well, still no friends or anything. Man, I live like a divorced 50 year old and I'm only 23.
I can't even remember if I made any resolutions last year.
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