It's pretty awesome. A couple of details:

- 8 simultaneous playback tracks, with 64 virtual tracks! Basically, you can put 64 different guitar/drum/bass etc. tracks in a single song.
- On board drum machine (velocity-sensitive pads!), 300+ patterns included. Can also sample your own drum parts.
- Comes with 2 onboard mics, and mic + line in + guitar inputs.
- Ridiculous amount of effects for guitar, bass and vocals (including pitch corrector). Can edit and create your own effects too to literally create thousands of different tones.
- Comes with 1GB memory card (originally came with 128MB only), carrying case, batteries

Used less than a dozen times over the space of a year. Selling for only USD $200 shipped anywhere (using Paypal). Contact me at waynepaulsimon@hotmail.com for faster response.