So I've been looking around UG's forum and where the hell is the thread for the great Ronnie James Dio? I decided to put my anger into action, and I've started this thread for the discussion of all things RJD. So on this thread I'd like to hear everyone's favorite RJD work, whether with Sabbath, Elf, Dio, or the too-short-lived Heaven and Hell; the albums and songs, techniques, accompanying guitarists, etc.
So here you go. Have at it, fellow people of good taste.
To Mr. Rikard Sundén,

Please come back - Sabaton needs you!
Love him, love his music, going to a see a RJD tribute act in March, I was supposed to see Heaven and Hell with Iron Maiden in summer 2010, I was gutted when they pulled out, for obvious reasons, Maiden didnt even do them the honor of replacing them with a worthy band, they got Sweet Savage to do it, I mean seriously, replacing Heaven and Hell with Sweet savage......
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