My project has a song up from their EP, so take a look


Eggedit: This is the song before it which leads into that song above http://soundcloud.com/schecterb/triangulate-intro-ep-version
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I like it alot it sounds awesome and the guitar during the verse is very atmospheric and fits the singing so well. I want to hear the rest of the EP now . Wish my recordings sounded this good lol. Its superbly mixed and everything fits togetha so well, the only thing I have a problem with is the guitars during the chorus and breakdown are very bassy which makes them sound quite muddy. The solo could do with being a bit louder in the mix as well as the rhythm guitar drowns it out a bit but otherwise sounds great.

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I like the intro a lot. It has a good sense of direction while rotating time figures around. The clean break is really nicely done and appropriate.

I feel like this is a combination of Periphery- or TesseracT-inspired songwriting with Evanescence's singer. The title didn't really hurt that impression. That's a compliment, in case that didn't translate well in the previous sentence. Your singer's got a nice voice and her style compliments your ambidjent songwriting very well.

I liked the bridge a lot. The transition at 4:40-ish was really nice and worked well moving from the previous riff.

The solo had balls and kept me interested the entire time. The melody was well executed and had a really nice technical flair to it that managed to share the spotlight without either one coming off as diminished for the other's presence.

Overall - awesome. Me gusta. Me gusta a lot.

Main song: The singer reminds me of the one from Evanescence: quite good (just slightly pitchy a few times)! I got goosebumps at the guitar harmonics. Sometimes I felt the rhythm guitars could be a touch brighter (more treble). All the melodies are pretty good. Guitar playing is tight. Drums are good. Overall, I think it's very good. With just a little polish, I could picture this on the radio. "Intro": sounds good, though I liked the main song better overall. I would post the entire main song & intro together (unless you don't want people recording it for free). Please review my music at this link:

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Overall I really enjoy this song. The harmonics sound awesome. The lead part that starts at 1:10 is slightly off beat from the other guitar part so you might want to align that better, and maybe re-record it cleaner.

I'm assuming the part with harmonics is the verse... I suggest in the second verse making the drums have a bit more groove to them with the snare, as well as in the chorus maybe have a few more drum fills. I can hear some in my head where I would put them there, but it is your song.

At 5:08 it gets muddy and I would try fixing that... I don't know if its the EQ or my netbooks crappy speakers but it sounds muddy there.

I think the last chorus section (around 6:05) at the end would sound cool with a lead over it

EDIT: For some reason when I played it last night the vocals didn't come through... I dont think my headphones were plugged in all the way.

like aaron said before, she can be kinda pitchy. I most noticed this at the very beginning but other than that she's pretty clear. In the bridge her voice gets a little bit lost in the music so maybe bring the gain up a bit so it's a little more clear
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Intro sounds quite djenty. Ooh the singer is actually very good, there isn't usually that many songs with really good vocals posted here. The calmer verse part is nice and the heavier chorus follows on well from it. The production is certainly good, although as the guy above me said, some drum fills wouldn't go amiss. The solo is nice, as is the build up to it and the flow into the last minute of the song. Overall, I like it a lot. My only criticism
was that at almost 7 minutes, I'm not sure if it justified it's length. Each section was fairly long, for example the first verse was a whole minute. True, there was nice guitar melody coming in near the end of it as well, but still I think it maybe should be a touch shorter. Still excellent overall though.