So, it is a hybrid amp. It has transistor on clean channel and it has valve distortion. It cant go very heavy. It is my 20 watt exercise amp, and i was thinking about, making some funny stuff, and use amps valve channel instead of my digitech rp255. I was thinking about boosting my distortion with a ZW overdrive and an MXR 10 Band EQ. MXR's 10 band eq, has lots of options, including gain, so that you can get fullbore metal sound from mxr distortion plus. It is very versatile. And i thought, getting a ZW overdrive so I could get a boosted punchy distortion sound. But my question is, is that amp enough for this? or may i try a 78' badass distortion instead of boosting amp drive with ZW? Amp does have a 10'' Speaker anyway. Also, if you have other ideas, can you tell me?
So do you want an overdrive to push the valve harder, or do you just want to use an MXR distortion+ for distortion?
Maybe English is not your first language but this thread makes no sense.

Sure you can put a distortion or boost pedal in front of an amp. Personally, I don't think it will sound all that good.

I also opened this thread expecting lolz.
It makes sense except some punctuation faults. I mean, may I use my amp'/s distortion with boost, or may I use another distortion pedal. Distortion plus is an example, it is a very low gain pedal and with MXR 10 band eq, you can get heaviest distortion sound. So it is sure that I will buy eq, but I have trouble with distortion.
it's not going to sound very good.

the 12ax7 is way deep in the signal chain right before the power amp.

there's about 5 stages of op-amps between the input and the tube on both channels.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I don't think a Distortion pedal, Overdrive pedal or Boost pedal will sound good in front of a Marshall AVT. But if you want to try it go ahead, you don't need our permission. An EQ pedal in an effects loop can be quite useful, not sure about in front of an amp.

I'm still not sure what the Funny Stuff is