Is it possible to fit a blue LED under the bridge of my RG1570... ? If yes, then from where will the LED take power?
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you could have the battery with all of the pots and switches.

run the wires through the hole that the bridge ground goes through
You'll need to get a battery because there's no way you can get power another way cleanly. You can get watch batteries which won't take much room. You might be able to slip a rechargeable aaa in the spring cavity.

Undo the backplate and see. Led's aren't massive and there should be room. Don't forget a resistor (and a switch if you're fancy). Maybe even set it to autolight when a jack is plugged in.

Now if you were really, really fancy, you could wire up a small circuit and give it a slow on/off glow, but you'd need to plan it carefully.
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