Taylor 210CE, Seagull Mosaic, something else?

I really like the Taylor and the Seagull... Thinking of picking one of those up... any other suggestions?
the amazing taylors are the ones that cost over 3000, so I mean, yes a 1000$ taylor still sounds fantastic, but the seagull Mosaic for the money is a better buy, imo.

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I've got a Yamaha A3R that I'm quite pleased with.
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$1000? I would not go for the Taylors under the 300 series(which cost abou4 $1500+). Martin 1, 15, and 16 series are all options, although some of the 16 series guitars will be over by a few hundred.

Takamines in the <$1000 range are pretty good buys. Same with Guild GAD series guitars.
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blueridge comes to mind. traditional martny tone, nice. my blueridge parlor has plenty of warmth and bass, which is a rarity in a under $2000 parlor. lots of all solid blueridge guitars at and under $1000 http://www.maurysmusic.com/blueridge_solid_body_guitars?cmx=52957&start=0

guild has many all solid guitars, and imo they also have the best quality control of any pacrim-made guitars. beautiful finishes, nice woods, good hardware, nice tones.

the all solid seagulls do indeed have some contenders that are well worth trying.

larrivee guitars are made in canada or california, so it's surprising to find you can get so many larrivee guitars at and under a grand. they are nice quality, and definitely worth trying! please note that you must put the guitars in your cart to get their lower prices at this store and probably other larrivee dealers may ask you email or call to get their lowest prices. http://www.guitaradoptions.com/larrivee-acoustic-guitars/?sort=price

eastman. our local eastman dealer has some amazing guitars in the thousand and under range. their qc isn't as good as guild when it comes to their guitars, but their all solid guitars' tones are gorgeous. a number were standouts for me.

recording king also has some nice guitars in the under-$1000 category
having a bit of a traditional sound, they have their own voice, but if you like it - i do, a lot - they are really nice.

the yamaha L series - the all solid ones, in particular. i haven't been lucky enough to try one in person, but i've heard very good things.

although you can't get a new all-solid taylor at under a grand, martin does have a line of all solid guitars for under a thou - the 1 series. and some places sell some of the 15 series under a grand, as well. martin is one of those brands where you have to email or call for best price as they don't allow prices below a certain point to be advertised. www.laguitarsales.com , www.maurysmusic.com and www.myfavoriteguitars.com offer prices below MAP on martins if you contact them.
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Echoing others above, you can probably get more guitar for your money than a Taylor for $1,000. But let your own ears and hands make the decision in the end.

I really like the Seagulls and the Larrivees at that price point.

Happy hunting!
i'd go with the seagull at that price. if you wanna impress everyone with the headstock, buy the taylor, if you wanna wow 'em with the sound get the seagull. taylors are amazing guitars when you get the higher end ones( unless ..grumble grumble grumble.. you get an 855ce and have the bridge rip out after only 2 weeks... never even had a chance to tune it....sigh)
Not familiar with that Seagull. Don't pay that price for a 200 series Taylor though.