Hey all,

It's been a while since I've made some proper music recordings and would like to give it another go. My recordings are pretty simple, because they consist only of my vocals and an acoustic rhythm guitar (played by me). The thing is however, I have only one microphone. It is a condenser mic and it runs into an audio interface. Nothing top of the line really, but it gets the job done. My problem is that because I only have one mic, I cannot adjust the guitar or vocals where necessary(because I record both at the same time), so my idea is to buy another microphone. I don't know much about recording though, so I was hoping some people here could send me in the right direction.

Should I go for a dynamic microphone? A Shure mic? If I were to get it, should I use the condenser for vocals or guitar? Are there any other things I should consider? I've been reading around on the forum but there's so much information that it gets kind of overwhelming.

Pardon for my absolute noobage, and thanks for any advice you guys could give me.
condenser for the guitar, better to have a matched pair for the guitar, u usually use 2 on it, then whatever for vocals, it can be condenser or dynamic really just depends on taste, if u have a fat budget, condenser is more commonly used and usually sounds better, but not always the case depending
Do you have to record them simultaneously? You could focus more on the guitar by recording the guitar first, and then you would focus more on the singing by recording that after the guitar parts, so your end result should be much better.
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I don't know a lot about mics, I learnt a ton of stuff in my multimedia class but that's all started to fade away... But anyways, why not record your guitar and vocals separately? It'd be a lot easier and come out better I'm sure.
Id say do that one track a time approach. If you refuse, and your audio mixer has 3 mic inputs, get pretty much any 2 condenser mics for the guitar and a shure SM58 for vocals. This way, the vocal track wont have much acoustic guitar bleed.

If it only has 2, get a shure SM58 and any condenser mic.(a cheap mxl will do)

If youre poor and have 2 inputs, get this.
Well Ive considered recording one at a time indeed, but Its a lot harder for me to get into the music that way. Playing both vocals and guitar at the same time allows me to play with dynamics a lot more, it comes more natural that way. I appreciate all the advice given and dont mean to be stubborn because you guys know a lot more, but I would really prefer using multiple mics instead.

My audio interface has four mic inputs so that should work. If I were to get that second condenser mic, would it matter what type (seeing I already have one), do they need to match in a certain aspect?

Thanks a lot for your time guys, really appreciate it.
One track at a time.
Unless you're doing a live application. Obviously you'd need an interface with 2 or more channels.

One armed for your mic and another armed for your guitar or amp.

Or if you're using an acoustic, 2 mics. The sounds might leak/mix a bit into each of the channels though.

I had a setup for my acoustic a while ago. My condenser was aimed at my mouth and my dynamic was aimed at my acoustic. It was a nice setup.

If you're honestly not doing a live application, I strongly suggest you record one at a time. Doing both at the same time is stupid if you're doing something studio-wise.
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