the stamp says sung-il bm003. do i have to get bridges with the same stamp? does it matter? what is the best bridge (within 100 u.s.) to get?

thanks all

edit: i'm also looking to put on a bigsby sometime in the future, so i was thinking maybe a roller style bridge?
i'm also considering replacing the tail piece.
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the code on the bottom is probably just the model name for that particular bridge or the factory code or something like that, specific to whichever factory produced that bridge.

you need a bridge with dimensions that match the stud spacing and size, the string spacing, and the fingerboard radius of your guitar.
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well, its a pretty close copy to a gibby lp. 12" radius, studs the same size, and al that jazz.
Sung leads me to believe it might be Korean. If so you'll need a metric replacement not ones meant for Gibson USA LPs.
Moving on.....
the e-e is 52mm, i calculated the radii, and its 12", and the studs are 6.1 mm

thats standard gibby right? it is made in the same factory as agile i think?

edit: the reason why i want to switch it out, is because the A, D, and high E screws jiggle in place alot, and it leads me to believe that could kill some of the tone. i'd also like to increase sustain and make the tone more open
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Check out Tonepros hardware. Best quality stuff I've ever used, and it'll last you a lifetime.
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Thanks, I checked out tonepros, and they seem neat.
Although, on their website, they say they start out wih the same hardware and modify it, so they are basically saying it isn't sonically better than what I have right now.
your not going to notice a HUGE revolutionary difference. tonal changes like that happen from amps, effects, SPEAKERS, etc.

you will notice it doesnt wear as fast, has better intonation (better tuning and thus tone), looks better, and will last forever. you might even notice a tad bit of sustain and some weight reduction.

however changing the stop tail on your guitar will have minimal tonal effects compared to that same money spend on speakers, effects, etc.

the difference is when your bridge blows or has poor intonation or there is a reason for changing it - like its broken. then an upgrade to a tonepros is awesome cause you went from nothing to top of the line.

OR - getting a quality floyd from a garbage trem. something like that. thats a complex peice of equipment. a stop tail wont drop your pants.