So far, the intro reminds me of early Rush (a compliment). Now it sounds faster & thrash-ier. Most all the playing is pretty tight. At 2:03, a bit of a change. I would be inclined to add vocals in this song. At 3:20, I like the guitar riff(s). I like the synths at ~4:00, and the mellow lead guitar at 5:00. At 5:20, the lead guitar sounds similar to David Gilmour. All of the drums are pretty good. The song is kind of long, but I like it overall. Nice lead guitar ~8:00. Please review my music at this link:

I really the riff that starts at ~1:13.
The drums are pretty good and interesting throughout the song, but sometimes they sound pretty robotic like the high-hat at ~3.46 or around 7.30.
I'm not a synth fan, so I can't say whether they're good or bad.Bass sounds decent, definitely can hear it through the mix.
The solo at ~6.14 was pretty cool and around the 8 minutes the shredding/sweeping was badass.
Overall nice.

Intro has a nice kinda ominous vibe to it. The sound of the drums is not perfect though. Don't like the snare sound that much, think the hi hats a little loud. Cool guitar riffs, good and tight playing. Bass guitar sounds nice. The synths sound nice is general and certainly add to the song, although I thought the first bar when they came around 2:50 sounded kinda weird . The pad coming in around 3:55 is really nice, I like those sort of sounds in metal, gives a nice contrast with the guitars. Solo at 5:20 is cool, and like how the synth comes in to respond to it just after. Song has a lot of different parts to it, but you manage to get it to flow well.
So overall, very good work. The composition and playing were excellent, but production wise I'd be looking to improve on the drum sound, and to a lesser extent the tone of the rhythm guitars.
Intro is effective in building up and keeping attention. So far all of the riffs have been excellent and shown different stylistic influences while remaining cohesive. Synth is nice. I like the way the song flows and evolves. Drum composition was really good but they sound very programmed. The bass also sounds synthetic, but the bass solo was nice. The middle airy part of the song makes a great transition and adds a lot the song. Solo was very tasteful. The next solo starts out kind of messy sounding but shreds it way into epicness, a bit too sweepy, but very clean playing. I like your use of changes in time signature and tempo throughout. Overall 7/10
Daaamn i cant give you C4C cant listen those song at your UG homepage. I try to update flashplayer and it wont work. If you upload it another place like soundcloud,soundclick i will give you some comment
To be honest I wasn't a fan of the first minute, there wasn't much wrong with it but I didn't think it was the most interesting, at least for me. The song does pick up after the first minute though. Just generally pretty cool riffs going on from here.

The break at like 4:00 came just as soon as I wanted a change in atmosphere. The bass solo was a nice touch, I think the guitar solo here could've been a bit better though. When the song picks up again and another solo starts, it was sounding really good at the start but I expected a bit more at the end of it. Didn't really like the riff that started afterwards at like 6:38. The sweep in the next solo was really nice, but I didn't really like the lead at 7:39-7:48. The rest of the solo was really cool though, and I liked the rising rhythm. Pretty solid finish to the song. On the whole the bass was especially interesting.

To be honest, there isn't much wrong with the song musically, I'm just being picky and choosing things that didn't appeal to me personally. Production-wise, it's pretty good for a home recording, nothing's really fuzzy so everything's quite clear. But I'm sure you realise the tone could still be better. The drums sound too programmed, but were still alright. Tight playing on the most part too, I think I did notice you go slightly out of time on one or two occasions but maybe I'm being extra sensitive. But overall, nice one mate.
Thanks for the crit

Type as I listen:

Nice gtr tone!

Im guessing this is not an instrumental? Try and find a vocalist to collab with! Im sure there are plenty out there that could do awesome work on this.

Liking the thrashy change, cool riffing.

2:08 really liking the bass riff, added a nice feel to it. Watch your time, it seems to get off at points.

2:50 like the addition of the strings/keys/whatever it is lol. I didnt like how it was panned so far to the left, I would have liked it brought out a little more but thats just me.

4:14 like the change. The structure of the song is nice, definitely keeps the listener entertained. The clean guitar sounds nice, but seems to either be off timing or something, takes away from the pulse of the song.

5:09 again well composed bass line Is it composed or are you playing it?

Guitar solo really added to the structure. Wasnt a huge fan of the synth solo thing though :[

Second gtr solo = nice touch

7:34ish - I like the idea, clean it up though! I liked the little run after it though, good work!

The sweeps around 8:30 or so, I feel like its a different person playing! Nice soloing. I would have liked the background to changed dynamically a little more with it, but still was cool.

The thing that stands out to me most is the structure as a whole. I liked it alot and it def kept my attention. With a vocalist this could be a very strong piece. As an instrumental it would take someone that loves instrumental to really appreciate, but I dont know you main goal with this track. Overall, good work!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors