First of all, you're probably going to need to know the model is a Laney TF-300. One of the earlier models with a single HH Invader, not the TF-300-II with two Celestions.

Some dials fuzz/crackle when I'm turning them, even when I've got no volume on, but I think they just need switch cleaner?

But the more serious problem..
When turning up my volume, the amps volume varies a lot and it very inconsistent. I'll get it to a point where it's low enough for practising in the house, and lets say I turn it up a bit more, it goes quiet, then a bit more and it's loud again, and so on.... It just won't stay at one volume! I've tried swabbing the inputs and blowing them with dry air in case they are dirty, changing cables etc.

There's nothing causing any kind of interference with the amp and I just can't suss what is going on..

The clean channel is fine, though! So I'm thinking of resorting to just sticking to clean with a distortion pedal because I can't be bothered with a load of messing!
Have you checked our ground connections? Any loose pots?
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Quote by Axelfox
Blasted the pots with servisol super 10 and it's removed a small crackle when I turned the dials and also fixed the volume problem I originally mentioned! Very good stuff.


I was a bit rough putting my treble dial back onto my clean channel, and it's became VERY loose, it still stops and turns though, but my clean channel is very quiet; BUT when I pull on the pot for treble, it lifts out slightly and my volume goes right up to the level it should be at..

Right, how do I fix my new problem? >.>