So my band got a Peavey PV 1200 Stereo Power Amp from my friend's uncle. I've never used one before, and I was wondering what they're for. I originally thought it was for use with an amp + speaker cab but figured I'd ask on here to clear up the confusion

EDIT: It'd also be nice to know how to use it as well :X
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The most ideal use for a power amp is to use it with a preamp or a mixer.
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use it to power PA speakers. You will need a mixer at very minimum.
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Okay, that's convenient because we just got a small mixer and we're getting PA speakers soon.
I'm gonna say, it's much easier to use powered speakers than a power amp/passive speakers deal. It cuts down on space used in cars and it makes setting up that bit quicker.

It's cool that you have a free power amp (also to add to the thread, I'm gonna assume the power amp you have is the type that is to be used in a PA system, not that type that would be good as part of a guitar amp setup ) but if you can get hold of powered speakers when you buy some it'll make your job a lot easier!
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Got a free power amp... now what?

Free Power has his own signature model amp?
I gotta try that out!