I get the concept of vowel modification, but I'm having trouble with placing it in the mask and doing it correctly. Could someone please explain where and how to modify vowels?
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For the most part, as long as you are keeping an open throat, the vowels will shape themselves. There is more to it than that, but a type-written explanation will probably just be lengthy and confusing.

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Pick a note that's relatively high for you, but not at the top of your range. Try and sing that note with a long e vowel as in "See". You'll notice your larynx has a STRONG tendency to rise. The idea with vowel modification is that you'll want to sing that vowel while keeping your larynx lower. However, by doing that, the vowel starts to morph into either a long a (as in "Say") or an ih as in "Pick".
The benefits of doing this are that, well, especially in higher ranges, it makes hitting vowels relatively easier. That being said, you can also completely throw off the song if you're shifting your vowels so much that the words themselves are sounding different
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