Hi all

so this is my first bit of diy guitar modding since I can't spare the cash to get someone else to do it...

basically I have a 1998 japanese fender jaguar, and the volume knob (not the 'wheel' one) is kind of falling apart, it is sort of loose and after inspecting it with the scratchplate off I could see that when I turn it, it's not making proper contact and thereby not properly operating the little wiper in the pot...Also since this has happened the guitar has become pretty much unplayable because when I plug it in, there is this awful humming/buzzing/crackling which gets worse whenever I touch said control (don't have to turn it, just touching it is enough).

so my first question is, how do I remove the knob from the scratchplate. I realize this might be a somewhat silly question but I can't seem to figure it out (unless brute force is the answer). Also, I can't seem to find a matching replacement for the control knob (it's black plastic, somewhat bigerr than a strat style control and not round), so my main question is could I use something else instead or will that not fit?

Advice would be much appreciated, as I am pretty new at this.
Brute force is the answer unless there is a small screw holding the knob in place. In both cases I recommend a screwdriver.