In Indonesia it is not appreciated. Most of the bands are playing pop/malay songs which i'm sick of it. Some of them are playing jazz. There are no rap songs though , which relieved me a lot. There are no rock bands which famous like pop bands. Some of them are good but cannot breakthrough the mainstream. How about in your country ? Sorry for bad English.
I'm from the U.S., sooooo we have a lot of good rock and metal. But I'm sure you knew that.
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don't be so closed minded. tosin abasi turned me onto a rap artist as well as an indie rock band just last week. all music is good. learn to appreciate it and inject your influence onto the scenes you most enjoy. slayer went from a power metal cover band to pioneering thrash metal - that wasn't in the mainstream at the time, but it was an interesting mix between heavy metal and punk and it went well with the shift to metallica, exodus, etc.

roll with the punches - play jazz metal or something
modes are a social construct
i have to disagree that all music is good, but i totally agree that you need to be more open minded and learn to appreciate that there are many good genres of music out their i would say that if you dont like something then the artist is bad not the genre their may be someone afilliated with the same genre that you enjoy
In Sweden it is very appreciated, I think I'm just going to sound like a douche if I start saying why, so I'll keep it short.
Here, the Gothenburg [go figure] Metal/Melodic Death Metal was founded, so that have a whole developed scene here, as well as Scandinavian Power Metal. There are very few genres in Metal Sweden doesn't touch. Our neighbors are Norway, and they are notorious for their Black Metal, so obviously that has influenced a lot of Swedish bands too.
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i have to disagree that all music is good

outside of personal taste, there's nothing but elitism that justifies you in saying that any form of music is superior to another.

but i have anal **** in my jazz playlist so i'm pretty eccentric
modes are a social construct
In Australia like all countries, metal has a following. It's not the most popular genre. This includes Indonesia. You need to pick your venues wisely, playing at metal venues. If you play metal at a coffee shop anywhere in the world I guarantee you won't be coming back. I've seen many a metal band clear out a venue.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Recently boybands and girlbands become trend in my country. They often lip sing when playing live .However people in my country love them. Great , now i listened to other's country music thanks to that. I'm so sick of it.