Ok, i got a vox wah wah for xmas and i wanted to use it with my distortion pedal, so i set it all up and all i get out my amp is a nasty buzz, when i play you can still hear the notes but there is a buzz, like what you get with a singlecoil pickup but x10. i was wondering if this is a problem with my leads or the amp, as they're both cheap, leads i pick up for round a £10 and the amp is a fender frontman 15g, its only small, any solutions on better sound quality?
You need a new amp fender frontmans are terrible. So what's your budget?
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Your pedal is a lemon, take it back. I had this same problem with a pedal I bought recently
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Guitar-->wah-->distortion-->amp. Does the sound change when rocking the pedal?
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Guitar-->wah-->distortion-->amp. Does the sound change when rocking the pedal?

Disagree, should be Guitar -->distortion -->wah --> amp. or put the wah through the fx loop?
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Disagree, should be Guitar -->distortion -->wah --> amp. or put the wah through the fx loop?

Either way round is fine, personal preference for sure.

I'm assuming either you have a faulty pedal, the battery/supply is dying, you've accidentally got the input and output jacks mixed up....or you're such a noob you think you're supposed to just turn it on and leave it in a cocked position
are there computer monitors/fluorescent lighting, etc. where you are at?

i doubt it would make a bit of a deal.

did you use the right adapter?

is your battery good (a 9v battery can be checked by sticking both terminals on your tongue for a second and feel it) i am being serious, i wouldn't advise that if you have a pace maker however. or use a meter and read across it.

IMO 99% its a faulty pedal. just thought i would throw a few things out there.
You have to isolate where the problem is coming from. Try one thing at a time (including any dc supplies and cables) and when you've tried them all start trying different combinations adding one device at a time until you've isolated where the problem lies. It's probably a dud pedal or cable.
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I've tried both pedals separately and both work fine i think. In response to losing battle's comment my budget on a new amp would be £250 - £300 if that is the problem.
The problem is most likeley not the amp, it's just common practice to blindly recommend a new amp on UG.

Like Cath said, you need to isolate the problem. If both pedals work fine individually, it isn't a lemon. Sounds like the cable you're using to connect them.

I run wah>dist but it works either way. I've never heard of anyone running a wah in the fx loop