Hey guys, im looking for a amp head for 600-1000 (the cheaper the better ), im still waiting for my axe fx to arrive :Z. My cab is a Mesa boogie rectifier 2x12, i play a lot of indie/rock (oceana, red riders, tame impala) and a lot of shred/djent (Gilbert, Malmsteem, Born of osiris, between the buried and me, a plea for purging, volumes). I don't intend on buying a amp from australia, seeing how the prices have become completely ridiculous, Thomann has caught my eye and so far ive been looking into the marshall jvm205H (955 euros, a little over my budget, but ive heard nothing but good things about this amp.).

Thanks guys!
Jet City Amps JCA50H or Laney GH50/100 or VH100R.
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You can get Bugera 333s over here from Thomann for around $400, should serve you well until your Axe shows up then you could probably sell it for more than you paid. Remember when buying from Thomann that you've got to keep it under 30 KGs (which shouldn't be a problem) for their shipping cap and take 19% off the prices on their site because being outside the EU we don't have to pay their taxes.
I walked into a Samash with the same genres in mind. I walked out with a vintage modern. But I keep.forgetting reg price isn't 1k, its like 1499 or something......I got mine for 875..... look for a floor model
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